Allard Reveals Desire to Fine the Homeless as a way to pay for Care

On today’s Louisiana-based Dan Fagan show, radical-Right Eagle River Assembly Person Allard seemed content as Fagan repeatedly referred to Anchorage’s homeless community as vagrants. After listening to today’s interview, it’s easy to see why.

Fagan suggested that former New York City mayor Rudy (Colludy) Giuliani—suspended from practicing law in two states—had the right idea when he instituted the racist ‘broken windows’ policing policy when Giuliani was mayor. Fagan asked Allard what would happen if the Anchorage Police Department began arresting people for minor crimes such as public drunkenness.

Allard responded that the judicial system should “throw the book” at offenders of minor crimes because that’s what the United States Military does. Then, after having the book thrown at them, Allard said that minor crime offenders would need somewhere to go—and that’s where the “navigation system” comes in.

Allard, laying out her case on Fagan’s show, claimed that homeless individuals have money coming in and that the state and city should take it.

“State-funded, federal-funded, welfare check the PFD, they need to be fined, and the state and city need to take that money as a way to help them pay for their own care and their own well-being in the navigation system,” said Allard, revealing her intense desire to fund “care” for Anchorage’s most needy on the backs of an already broken group of individuals.

Apparently, according to Allard, we can just take someone’s ‘welfare check.’

Today’s comments, made by a sitting member of the Anchorage Assembly, are stunning largely because Allard has previously asserted that the Municipality was responsible for the homeless “mess” and now appears to be advocating that government take the role of arresting and fining Anchorage’s homeless population as a method to pay for their care.

Allard also said on Fagan’s show that the broken window policing method has worked in New York and said she “believes something like that should be implemented,” telling Fagan and listeners, “right now it is.”

Allard claimed Mayor Bronson is presently cleaning up the streets and holding people accountable but that she didn’t know “who had been arrested” but that it would “be interesting to find out.”

For once, the blight of Anchorage is correct. Let’s find out.

Audio: The Dan Fagan Show, iHeart Radio, 7/14/21