Momentum builds for a measure that would improve the relationship between Alaska Native Tribes and the State

In a press release, Alaskans for Better Government announced that Alaska’s Lt. Governor certified the Alaskans for Better Government initiative, a measure that would have the State of Alaska recognize all federally recognized Tribes in Alaska. The move opens the door for signature gathering to begin ahead of January’s convening of the legislature.

“There’s no better way to honor Indigenous Peoples Day than by taking action to ensure the State recognizes the brilliant and vibrant Native communities that have stewarded Alaska for over 10,000 years, safeguarding the diverse cultures and nations, languages, and knowledge systems that make Alaska worthy of our future generations. Alaskans are ready to usher in a new era of Tribal-State relations for long-term solutions to our greatest challenges,” said Chaa yaa eesh Richard Peterson, Chair of Alaskans for Better Government.

According to the group, the initiative would pave the way for the State and the Tribes to formally work together to strengthen Alaska and bring better opportunities for the state. The Tribes and the State will have the ability to leverage their status, infrastructure, and funds to provide more efficient, effective, and meaningful governance.

The full press release can be read below. Click here to learn more about the ballot initiative that would require the State of Alaska to formally acknowledge Alaska Native Tribes.