This new Republican Party is off the chain. In Anchorage, we have Mayor David Bronson, author of “The Tyranny Before Us,” working to flood hospitals with as many COVID-19 patients as possible — preparing to do “political” war with the Anchorage Assembly next Tuesday with the apparent goal of ensuring COVID-19 continues to be a blight on our city.

Bronson supporter, Save Anchorage member and Eagle River Assembly Person Jamie Allard defended Nazi terminology on an Alaskan vanity license plate earlier this year, while Rep. Ron Gillham, R-Kenai / Soldotna, shared a sensitive image on his Facebook page, which likened members of the media and medical professionals who provide information about COVID-19 vaccines to Nazis executed for war crimes.

“Save Anchorage” group members continually verbally assaulted former Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz before his resignation, calling him a “ruthless Jew, Mayor Hitler, Hitler son of a bitch, tyrant, Lord Farquaad, Pedowitz, and Bagoshitz.”

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In June, some Save Anchorage members appeared to have likened Covid-19 test tracking and the sharing of testing results to the holocaust — claiming the “Left” ultimately seeks to have Americans tattooed with the sinister branding given to Holocaust survivors.

A little over a week ago, Alaska House Representative Sara Hannan apologized on social media for words she used on the House Floor after she said that Nazi medical experiments conducted on victims in concentration camps were “violations of human dignity, of scientific methodology, yet they produced results.”

It is no wonder, then, that Alaska Rep. David Eastman shared a tweet last week quoting an Adolph Hitler speech from 1938. Maybe he was feeling a little left out and felt he needed to drum up some attention.

I don’t much care whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican or somewhere in between or even outside of the two major political parties — Adolf Hitler’s name is synonymous with pure evil as the man responsible for the genocide of about 6 million Jews and millions of other victims. Please stop invoking his name and please stop comparing anything related to COVID-19 to the atrocities perpetrated against Jews.

It’s not clear why Rep. Eastman had the world’s most notorious mass murderer on his brain last week, nor why he felt compelled to share a picture of the monster on his Twitter feed or why he thought it would resonate with anyone he shared it with. Living in the wake of the Trump presidency, it’s possible I might have this pegged all wrong, and it simply could be that Rep. Eastman and others who share these abhorrant pictures and quotes are “very fine people.”

Judging by the 100 comments left by Alaskans in Rep. Eastman’s Twitter thread, I’m going with — he’s probably not a very fine person and hopefully the Alaska Republican Party doesn’t think so either. Hey Alaska GOP, we’re all looking forward to your outrage.