Alaska DHSS Resumes Daily COVID-19 Case Counts

Alaska DHSS Resumes Daily COVID-19 Case Counts

Alaska DHSS announced today that they’d resume updating all dashboard on the data hub on a Monday-Friday basis, citing the high statewide alert level for the last two weeks. Resumption of daily updating of the dashboard begins today.

Today, DHSS announced 751 new people identified with COVID-19 in Alaska over the past three days, with 283 of those new cases in the Municipality of Anchorage.

There are currently 99 patients diagnosed with COVID-19 who are hospitalized and one additional patient who is considered a person under investigation (PUI) for a total of 100 current COVID-related hospitalizations.

According to today’s summary, Alaska has eighteen human beings on ventilators, and the percentage of patients currently hospitalized with COVID-19 is 11.1%.

According to today’s report, the Anchorage Municipality is in the high alert level status with 31.40 cases per 100,000. In addition, all eleven regions of Alaska are in high alert statusβ€”all with widespread community transmission.

No regions are at intermediate or low alert status according to DHSS.

Estimated Epidemic Curve, Anchorage Municipality, Source: Alaska DHSS Aug 2, 2021