It's a brazen attempt to end Anchorage's Vote by Mail system.

Seemingly emboldened by their squeaker of a win in this year’s Anchorage mayoral election, the political activists associated with the Save Anchorage Facebook group are mobilizing a brazen attempt that, if successful, would disenfranchise Anchorage voters by bringing an end to Anchorage’s Vote by Mail system.

According to screenshots taken from the Save Anchorage group over the past few days, Save Anchorage Moderator Julie Brophy asked group members for help in going door to door to collect signatures supporting the radical effort.

Save Anchorage group post, June 19, 2021

Brophy was the listed treasurer for the ‘Recall Rivera’ ballot group and is the next-door neighbor of Anchorage activist Russell Biggs — the listed owner of the Arctic Liberation Coalition (ALC), which is the Reclaim Midtown’s Facebook page listed “responsible” party.

Reclaim Midtown announced a drive-thru signature-gathering event on their Facebook page as they seek, yet again, to recall another progressive Anchorage Assemblymember — Meg Zaletel. Yesterday, Mr. Biggs detailed those political recall efforts in an interview with Must Read Alaska.

According to a post shared to the group by Brophy, which encouraged Save Anchorage members to read a “message” from Reclaim Midtown detailing the planned effort to kill the Vote by Mail system — Reclaim Midtown wrote that the Municipality sent thousands of ballots to out-of-state mailing addresses to voters they say are currently registered to vote in states other than Alaska, which is “illegal under Alaska law.”

According to the Reclaim Midtown “message,” the Division of Elections was sent a small sample of those voters two months ago. In response to that ‘small sample,’ Reclaim Midtown claims the Division of Elections responded with a form letter. Reclaim Midtown maintains there is “no political will to enforce the rules.”

Reclaim Midtown further insisted in its “message” that there were also “many, many first-hand accounts of ballots in the last election being sent to local addresses where the voter no longer resides,” calling this a “loophole for fraud” in the “message” shared with the Save Anchorage group.

Reclaim Midtown then issued a call to action shouting from upon its throne:

“Who among you will volunteer to gather signatures for a referendum petition to revoke vote by mail?”

The group supposes that they would need “11,000 signatures assuming a validity rate of 68%” and that they would have three months from the time the petition is released to gather the required signatures. They would need to collect between 101 and 140 signatures every day for 90 days, according to the “message.”

Reclaim Midtown also shared in its “message” that they had already hired the legal team to confirm the “verbiage” but that the effort wouldn’t get off the ground unless enough people commit to stepping up, noting that even if people did assist in the effort, it didn’t necessarily mean they’d be victorious at the ballot box.

The group encouraged interested individuals within Save Anchorage to email the Arctic Liberation Coalition email address with “REFERENDUM PETITION” in the subject line.

While those behind the effort have set no timetable for collecting signatures, some within the group have suggested waiting until fall to begin canvassing for signatures as many residents travel during the summer months.

The upcoming war against Anchorage’s Vote by Mail system isn’t surprising, considering some Save Anchorage group members celebrated the January 6, 2021, armed insurrection of Capitol Hill. Others within the group have warned of “corrupt” dominion voting machines used by the Municipality.

Former President Donald Trump has claimed that there was widespread voter fraud which cost him the 2020 presidential election — a lie that has been repeatedly disproven with the last legal challenge dismissed by the United States Supreme Court this past April.

In the wake of Donald Trump’s election fraud conspiracies, the Right now pushes incredible false and baseless claims that American voters cannot be trusted, poll workers cannot be trusted, voting technology and voting machines cannot be trusted, journalists cannot be trusted, heads of election security cannot be trusted, local courts cannot be trusted, appellate courts cannot be trusted, and that the Supreme Court of the United States cannot be trusted.

On Facebook in May, a purported Bronson supporter wrote on the Bronson campaign’s Facebook page that “we need TO STOP this mail-in voting counting days and weeks after elections.”

Bronson’s campaign responded to the Facebook comment — “Dave Bronson plans to do that.”

Dave Bronson for Mayor Facebook Page, May 2021