According to latest poll, Bronson’s approval rating is in that thing you flush

Alaska Survey Research (ASR) released more data from their latest survey over the weekend which shows approval ratings for Alaska’s most prominent politicians. The poll was conducted October 22-27.

As you can see in the graphic shared to Twitter by recovering political consultant turned pollster Ivan Moore, Anchorage Mayor Amy…I mean…David Bronson’s approval rating sits in the neighborhood inhabited by Ty-D-Bol man and Democratic President Joe Biden at an abysmal 35%.

Alaska Survey Research results conducted October 22-27 +/- 4.6%

Bronson’s Administration has been plagued by what some have called scandals — and it appears that Bronson’s authoritarian way of governing may have caught the attention of even those who voted for him in the mayoral election.

Former real estate director Christina Hendrickson was fired on September 16 after less than 3 months on the job. She was fired after filing a whistleblower complaint with the Assembly alleging that Bronson Administration officials had improperly placed James Winegarner in a position within her department. She has since filed a lawsuit against Mayor Bronson and members of his administration.

Bronson also fired Municipal Chief Equity Officer Clifford Armstrong III. After firing Armstrong III in October, a move that the Anchorage NAACP called “illegal,” Anchorage Mayor David Bronson continued to thumb his nose at the rule of law and named Uluao “Junior” Aumavae as the Chief Equity Officer for the Municipality of Anchorage. Armstrong has also filed a lawsuit against the Municipality of Anchorage, alleging that his firing wasn’t legal.

In September, Mayor Bronson got himself into hot water when he defended anti-mask protesters from the pro-Bronson far-right Save Anchorage group who wore yellow Stars of David in reference to the Holocaust at an Anchorage Assembly meeting. Mayor Bronson called the use of the Nazi-era symbol a “credit” to the Jewish people. Bronson placed himself in the same ranks as “Representatives” Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert, who have also compared public health measures to Nazism.

During a recent series of Anchorage Assembly meetings, where some who attended later became infected with COVID-19 — some seriously — Bronson Administration official Amy Demboski is said to have attempted to cut the live feed of a meeting that was underway, an act Assembly Vice-Chair Christopher Constant later called “most egregious.”

Mayor Bronson is set to speak this evening at an event hosted by anti-LGBT organization Alaska Parents’ Rights in Education. The organization claims that LGBTQ+ advocates “groom preschool children at libraries.” The organization also claims that LGBT militant activism is fostered in both public schools and libraries and maintains an entire section on its website dedicated to the ‘horrors’ of Drag Queen Story Hour.

Mayor Bronson has said that Municipal Manager Amy Demboski, (who was one of two Bronson Administration officials that tested positive for COVID-19 last month forcing the cancellation of an Anchorage Assembly meeting) “runs the city.” Judging by the survey results, the mayor’s co-pilot does seem fairly adept at flying Mayor Bronson’s approval numbers into the toilet, although it’s not clear if Mayor Bronson still adheres to the idea that Demboski “knows exactly what she’s doing.”

Writing on Twitter about the results of the survey, Ivan Moore said, “Pretty poor numbers all round, but that is the state of our politics.”

Indeed. 💩