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The Blue Alaskan has been cited by the Washington Post, printed and reprinted by Anchorage Press, shared by Alaska Democrats, and referred to as a “Liberal Blog” by the Anchorage Daily News. The Blue Alaskan has also earned the distinguished award of being labeled a “Radical Left Blog” by right-wing blog Must Read Alaska.

After covering the “Alaskan Patriot” Telegram group on June 9, 2021, which shared dangerous Qanon conspiracy theories, the group appeared to have been de-platformed by the social media service on July 16, 2021.

The Blue Alaskan wrote about and first covered Alaska’s ICU bed capacity inflation after the HHS handover. The Blue Alaskan covered the “other side” of the Anchorage School District’s COVID-19 return to school from an employee’s perspective.

The Blue Alaskan ranked in the top two spots in Anchorage Press’s 25 Most Read Stories of 2020 and was the first to write about the Providence Mobile Morgue obtained in November 2020 which ranked 14 and which was the top story for November 2020.

The story: “What’s going on in Anchorage emergency departments?” ranked 18 in the same end-of-year category.

The Blue Alaskan also detailed Alaska healthcare capacity concerns on October 6, 2020.

The Blue Alaskan ranked 5th in the Anchorage Press Longest Read Stories category of 2020 for “Dr. Deena’s mad Dash to Reopen Schools,” in a story related to COVID-19 and returning to the classroom.

The Blue Alaskan has a large social media “personality” which some find endearing while others do not. The Blue Alaskan uses social media to share news, political information, etc. from a wide array of sources.

Notables but not Exhaustive:

Anti-Vaxx Anti-Mask Mayor Shut Down Fluoride in Local Water Supply

Anti-LGBTQ. Far-right. Partisan. No wonder Allard is running for higher office.

When stars malign: How ‘Save Anchorage’ created the hateful and embarrassing morass our Assembly meetings have become | News | anchoragepress.com

Assembly Member Allard enters battle with Providence over ivermectin

Pro-Bronson mega-donor secures lucrative monoclonal clinic contract in Golden Lion Hotel Bronson promised to sell

Bronson chooses conspiracy theories and tragedy over courage and responsibility

‘Thoughts & Prayers,’ a Florida Tragedy Unfolds in Alaska

Plague Rats Attempt to ‘Save Bronson’

Alaska State Sen. Lora Reinbold Promotes “Worldwide Rally.”

Gara calls on Dunleavy to apologize over concerning vaccination comparison

Bronson nominee to run Health Department under fire for allegedly leaving non-profit in ‘complete financial disarray’

Dunbar Says ADN Editorial Risks Spreading “Serious Misinformation” on FEMA Reimbursement

Identity Inc.’s Executive Director: Allard’s Transphobic Rhetoric ‘Worrisome and Dangerous’

Newly Revealed Email Shows Allard Knew Member of Public “Snuck In” to Assembly Chambers When EO Was in Effect

Rivera: Recall Effort a ‘Homophobic Attempt to Take out an Assemblymember.”

Anchorage Assembly Tackles Proposed Equal Rights Amendments

‘Campaign of Hate’ waged against Dunbar costs campaign thousands

Breaking down Dunbar’s APOC complaint against Bronson

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

How a group of women helped bring a traveling, unlicensed massage therapist to justice on sexual assault charges

Save Anchorage member charged with possession and distribution of child pornography

Save Anchorage Member Arrested in Connection with Capitol Hill Insurrection

Robbins Campaign Calls Assembly Member Jamie Allard “Fake News”

Homophobia and hate fuels ‘Recall Rivera’ effort (Anchorage Press & Sol De Medianoche)

‘Numerous’ people test positive for COVID After Alaska Outdoor Council event attended by Dunleavy and Cronk

Bronson’s Disastrous Answer on Homelessness: ‘Lock Them Up’

Recall Rivera APOC filing shows group has enlisted Outside political consulting firm

Clearing the air With the Recall Allard Group

Q&A With Kelly Lessens — School Board Candidate Seat B

Attorney targeted by Must Read Alaska Speaks Out

Recently cited by Washington Post

Anchorage Suddenly Has a lot More ICU Bed Capacity. Why? 

DHSS Explains Alaska ICU Capacity

Alaska Hospitals Lack ICU Resources to Cope With COVID Surge 

Teachers testified at the Anchorage School Board Meeting. #Tense

Dr. Deena’s mad Dash to Reopen

Dr. Bishop to Teachers: Parents will decide how many students return

Providence requests at least one mobile morgue

Senator Reinbold harasses flight crew over mask policy

COVID infections soar in Alaska prisons

Alaskans growing frustrated with Dr. Zink’s unwillingness to call for mask mandate

What’s going on in Anchorage emergency departments?

Discrepancies in Alaska DHSS Data Leave Alaskans Concerned

Save Anchorage “Closed Businesses” Infographic Wildly Inaccurate