99 Plus 1, Inc. Mass Care proposal certain to raise more questions

Documents obtained via a records request are bound to raise more questions about how 99 Plus 1 Inc. managed to win the RFP to Provide Congregate Emergency Shelter Services for People Experiencing Homelessness.

99 Plus 1 Inc. is a relatively new business just now over 1 year old and is owned by former real estate agent (Theresa) Terrie Pisa who is also the listed corporation’s agent, director, president, secretary, and treasurer.

The Request for Proposal (RFP) to Provide Congregate Emergency Shelter Services for People Experiencing Homelessness states that any corporation or non-profit organization wishing to submit a proposal under the RFP must have a minimum of three years experience of successfully managing and operating PEH programs and delivering relevant services of a similar type and scope as described in the Scope of Work.

99 Plus 1 Inc. has not operated a large shelter before. Leaders associated with the for-profit business have said its managers have years of experience working with the homeless population.

Pisa has contributed to various conservative political candidates such as Judy Eledge, Mike Robbins, Kim Paulson, and David Bronson — in addition to the Valley Republican Woman’s Club and the campaign of U.S. Senate candidate, Kelly Tshibaka. Pisa was also a deputy treasurer for Republican Rep. James Kaufman during the 2020 state primary election, according to an amended candidate registration form filed with APOC.

An interesting thing to note is that 99 Plus 1 Inc., included references in the form of handwritten letters from clients down on their luck. Maybe it’s just me, but that seems to be bad form.

The 99 Plus 1 Inc. proposal, which appears to demonstrate a lack of mass care experience, is certain to raise more questions about how the new venture managed to land its deal with the Muni.

Comparing the two proposals, I think it’s valid to question how 99 Plus 1 scored higher than Beans who has been operating the Sulivan Arena since last March.

Below are the proposals for 99 Plus 1 Inc., Beans Cafe and associated score sheets. Remember that the conservative motto is “Privatize everything.”