A lot of ick went down in 2021 and something tells me that 2022 will be no better.

This year has been insane and with the Bronson Administration’s infatuation with the city’s water supply, choosing to ignore the pandemic, and whatever else we don’t know yet, 2022 is shaping up to be a wild ride as well.

As we wait for the New Year and head into yet another election season, here’s a look back at The Blue Alaskan’s most read stories of 2021.

10. Who could ever forget the time Mayor Bronson tried to put a real-life Prophet on the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission? Homophobia, misogyny and just a lot of overall yuck! Jamie Allard said she knew McCrea’s heart though, which is exactly what you want…an Assembly Person who said on the Dan Fagan show that all transgender men and women were mentally ill defending you. I will repeat, yuck.

9. A more heartwarming story that led Alaskans to rally around a homeless woman and her family. It’s good to remember that people are better than we think they are.

8. Providence, Ivermectin, Jamie Allard — what could possibly go wrong? The story that nobody found surprising.

7. I don’t even know what to say about this one other than, why is Judy Eledge still in charge of the day to day operations of the Anchorage Public Library? “We need to demand a white group?” Girl, get gone.

6. The story that resulted in Anchorage’s Chief Medical Officer recording a deer trapped in headlights video in an attempt to refute claims made by pro-science doctors who said they no longer felt that Dr. Savitt demonstrated the ability to accurately and objectively advocate for the public welfare of the residents of this community. I concur.

5. Civic activist Russell Biggs, with the help of the pro-Bronson “Save Anchorage” Facebook group he helps administer, vehemently opposed a proposal to purchase properties in downtown and Midtown to address a modest redistribution of locations to provide homeless shelter, day services, housing, and concurrent substance use disorder treatment services. But as luck would have it, Mayor Crony Bologna let mega donors WEKA Medical stand up shop in the Golden Lion Hotel even after saying he would sell it on day one! Amazing! What a coincidence!

4. Historically speaking, Anchorage residents haven’t been big fans of former Alaska Lt. Governor and Bronson Chief of Staff Craig Campbell who went fleeing from the administration in October. Campbell, who wrote a number of opinion pieces for Must Read Alaska during the Anchorage mayoral campaign, hasn’t contributed anything there since September. I wonder why? Anyway, bye.

3. Chronicles of a Florida couple (one was unvaccinated) visiting Alaska who took up weeks of valuable health care resources before succumbing to a mostly survivable disease. Get vaccinated folks, you don’t want to be laying in a hospital bed fighting for each breath as your lungs fill with fluid. A stroke patient might need that bed.

2. “The storming of the Capitol was a necessary evil.” Very fine people.

The number one most read story was, unsurprisingly, a collaborative piece with John Aronno. Grassroots, my ass, and don’t worry, we aren’t quite done yet.