$15 Million Appropriation Documents for ‘Bronsonville’ Released

The Bronson administration has released the appropriation documents for Mayor Bronson’s mass shelter plan.

The documents show that construction costs for the proposed mass shelter are estimated to be $10,824,773, while the cost of the structure itself is $3,511,551, with a total Phase 1 construction cost estimate of $14,336,324.

To facilitate the construction, Mayor Bronson says that the current Anchorage Police Department impound lot will be relocated at an estimated cost of $659,367. We will need to watch and see who receives the awards for constructing the new impound lot — my money’s on McKenna Brothers.

The appropriations documents say that the proposed timeline for construction would be 104 days, with an expected completion date of October 25, 2021—provided the project is greenlit by July 13.

The Bronson administration claims extensive coordination has been conducted with many nonprofit organizations that provide services to the homeless population. The project intends that nonprofit organizations with specialized services necessary to resolve the homeless issue in Anchorage will continue to be used and augmented.

Earlier today, East Anchorage Assembly Member Forrest Dunbar wrote that he did not believe, based on public comments/questions, that the Mayor has the votes from the Anchorage Assembly for a Mass Shelter.

The Bronson administration will seek a 15 million dollar appropriation from the Anchorage Assembly at next Tuesday’s Assembly meeting, without public comment—an extraordinary move considering Bronson’s supporters in the Save Anchorage group begged for public testimony on several matters before the Anchorage Assembly over the past several months.